Gloves Music Box

Gloves Music Box

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Gloves Music Box is a multi-articulation and multi mic music box. Focus was given to obtaining a sound set that would merge well with each other. Each articulation offers a unique flavor of the original instrument but because they where each obtain by plucking the music box they will meld together beautifully to create a serene sound. In one simple instrument you can get at the perfect bell sound for your production.



  1. Multi-Mic including Close Mic and Spaced Mic
  2. ADSR Envelope
  3. Articulation mixer allowing for extensive control over the mixing of articulations
  4. Reverb and EQ controls
  5. Unique articulations - Regular (obtained by using the actual Music Box), Pencil (obtained by plucking the music box with a pencil) and Metal (Obtained by plucking the music box with metal)


Compressed: .98 GB

Uncompressed 1.79 GB

Recorded at 16 bit 44.1 khz

Delivered as a compressed ZIP File


Unzip the files into a folder on your computer, then just click the .nki file.

If you experience any problems please email me at: [email protected]