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If it has to do with audio and it's free it's probably here, plugins, samples, instruments, VSTs, AUs, even entire DAW's! For more detailed information on a given product please see the review that will report on any weird bugs or issues encountered.

Sorta Free
Sorta Free means some personal information is required to get the product, usually an email or a requirement to become a member.

Fake Free
Fake free means a product is only free with another purchase. "Free with purchase of _____" or "Free bundled with _______".

5 Star System
1 star: Discontinued or far below average
2 star: Below average
3 star: Could be worth it. Average.
4 star: Worth Downloading, Above average.
5 star: Outstanding Quality, Should download. Far above average.

All ratings are my own opinion. They serve as a rough guide, take them with a grain of salt.