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XY - The ability to do XY fully, NOT VECTORSCOPE operations. If it was limited to the 45° lines it didn't count.

Multi-Instance - The ability to recognize additional instances and display their content, NOT the ability to do 5.1 ect...

Color Control - Loosely the ability to alter the color of the elements of the plug-in.

Sync - Options the scope gives to keep the waveform from "going all over the place".

Freeze - A distinct button that stops the display so it can be inspected.

Resizable - Ability to change the size of the plug-in, assumed continuous. If it is discrete sizes this is noted.

Clean Full-Screen - Ability to display full screen with NO additional text, controls, logos etc... some plugs, due to shape, can't go full screen but get close. Others get very close but may still have small elements visible there so I give them some credit.

Measurements - Loosly ability to achieve some kind of measurement. If there was a time axis or dB axis I gave a yes, but some have far more options in this regard for very technical measurements.

Stereo - Ability to display both the left and right channel at the same time.

Zoom - Ability to zoom in specifically on the time axis.

Extra Cool Options - For plug-ins with unique features or that have a lot more options.

Level - My general opinion on which ones I recommend. This doesn't mean scopes without a level are bad or that I dislike them. This is also specific to my DAW and system and you may find different results on yours.