Preset Database

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Name - Name of the preset or preset pack.

Demos and Reviews - Videos or Audio of the presets being played or reviewed.

Local Download - Download from this site.

Type - The genre or category of the preset.

Special Notes - Anything that I feel like mentioning but doesn't fit into another category.

Company - The person or persons who made it.

Synth - The software you will need to have for the preset, usually its a synth but can be other non-synth things such as effects or DAW's.

Content - What the preset or preset pack contains.

Download Size - Size of the download.

Price - How much the preset(s) cost.

Rating - This is just my feeling on where it sits, presets that have a lot of care put into them or feature especially cool sound design will rank higher. Stuff like named macros or really versatile patches will help the rank. Preset packs that focus on quantity over quality will not get a high rank.

Inspired By - What inspired the presets.