Lab Submission Guidelines


For your lab report you need only include response to things in RED. Please include the header and question or part you are addressing. For example,

KCL Question 1:
Your answer here.

Some warnings:

I don’t want to spend forever deciphering your lab report. Therefore:

  1. It must be typed. All schematics for design questions should be done with kiCad or and included as screen shots. Links and pictures will not be accepted unless specifically stated.
  2. If questions are responded to in a different order than they appear in the lab then it will be considered entirely wrong.
  3. If you are missing your header or the part you are responding to, it will be considered wrong.
    Example: KCL Question 1
    If you just have just “Question 1” or just “KCL” then it will be wrong, you need both.
  4. If you respond with just an answer it will be considered wrong unless specifically stated.
  5. Some labs require pictures! So be sure to get it done during class! You cannot take lab kits home so if you miss class you may not be able to do some questions! Pictures should be included in the pdf.
  6. Questions you cannot do because of an absence should have as their answer: “Unable to complete”. You should not skip them.
  7. Only .pdf or .doc will be accepted.

Finally, while getting the right answer is important I am more concerned with your process. Explain your work and you will be fine, the better the explanation the better your score. Right answers do not always guarantee the points. Also long answers don’t mean better either.

I know some of you work in groups and help each other. Please have your own thoughts on your paper. I care more that you understand what is happening. If your report contains explanations you can’t back up when I ask you in class you may be marked down. Basically, don’t copy and if you do get material in other ways you better be able to back it up in person. Answers you don’t understand are as good as wrong.





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